Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesdays are Delicious!

My mother says this is how you make cream puffs:

It looks to me like she started melting some butter. Yep.

I have no idea what she did here, but since she's making us guess, I'd say she added a liquid.

Now it looks as if she has added some flour.
Look! Eggs! I think we all know what is coming.

The pan is off the heat now.
An egg has joined the party!

All the eggs must have joined the party.
Plop, plop, plop, onto the baking sheet. It looks liberally greased.

They look baked to me!

I am absolutely not sure about this.
I mean, right now it looks like it could be the filling. But then...

This sure looks a lot more whipped up and fluffy the stuff in that last bowl.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Hooray! They have their tops back on!

Oh my ganache! I'm dyin'!

Celebrate Tuesdays!


  1. OMG those look FANTASTIC. I just adore a good homemade cream puff. Tell your mom she had me hooked with the stick of butter shot LOL!

  2. Where and when is she making more!!??